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Our goal is to help couples avoid paying for more expensive services, hiring additional services or complications of a long court battle

Working with couples as a financial neutral, we seek to make divorce less painful through a process marked by integrity and fairness. We strive to minimize fears, uncertainties and concerns for our clients by proposing clear, holistic and sound financial planning strategies.

We believe that the financial separation process of divorce can be non-conflictual, cost-efficient and financially equitable for both parties

Our cooperative process can help towards alleviating financial uncertainties and serve to help reduce the interaction and cost of legal services

We cover most of the complexities of divorce. Through the financial planning process, we present various settlement options. We can help you pursue non-adversarial agreements and project the long-term financial effects those agreements may have after separation.

For married couples looking to achieve a quick and equitable divorce, without the painful process of endless legal battles

Divorce Thru Partnership’ s holistic divorce approaches help save time, energy, resources and money

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts® cover all aspects of financial planning while offering a gentle mediation assistance. We help you pursue a fair settlement taking into account the near and long-term impact for all parties involved.  

25 Years Of Experience

Backed by 25 years of experience in financial planning and innovative settlement resolution, Divorce Thru Partnership may help you through trying times.

Why Work With Divorce Thru Partnership?

Your Take-Aways


We empower you to make decisions. You will not lose time with incomplete financial plan elements, pending decisions, confusing negotiations, complicated terminology, or long and stressful court time. Hire our team first to help you gain time.


Not only do we provide clarity on your financial future, we also work to save your hard-earned dollars from being spent unnecessarily in a long legal settlement. Hire our team first to help you spend wisely.


We want to help you move forward with your lives. Our long-term holistic projections extensively cover various financial aspects of your future lives, therefore, minimizing the need to revisit your financial decisions. Hire our team first to help you through trying times.

Your Key Benefits Using Our Services

We work with attorneys. We do not replace them. Utilizing our firm, you may lessen legal fees. This process places you more in control of expenses associated with your financial settlement.

While the lawyer handles the legal process, we help you make informed financial decisions regarding your future. Our goal is to help you achieve a settlement that takes the financial security of the entire family into consideration.

Transparency is key to any non-adversarial settlement. Together, we will forecast the costs associated with living separately. Our thorough analysis will review your overall financial picture including financial statements, expenses, income, tax returns, credit reports and pensions. 

We will provide post-divorce scenarios that will aim to address future potential earnings, the possibilities of re-marriage, death, retirement, and other life-changing circumstances. We project the financial long-term impact on your lives for a period of ten to twenty years.

We offer you access to our divorce network. Where we cover the financial side of divorce, we have other resources to whom we can refer you to handle other aspects of your transition. We are a shoulder on which you and your family can lean to help you through the tough moments.

Divorce Thru Partnership